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Why Us,Why now.

Faima errands was started in 2018. The idea however was conceived in 2017. College going students and recent graduates would be broke and ask us for help. Giving little like 100, 200, 500, was helpful but not satisfactory.

My husband and I work with young people and since we joined Citam Eldoret in 2016 we enlisted as youth workers. The best thing we did was pray for them and ask God for the best way out. He gave us the idea of faima errands. So, we put up a Facebook page where clients would find us and call or WhatsApp us on 0728706355 to run their errands.

Our crew (students and unemployed graduates) register with us saying their availability and skills. Then each errand is allocated to someone according to skill. Someone is creating a website for us where our esteemed clients will be listing their errands and our crew accessing the jobs from there.

So far we have cleaned more than 50 carpets, done numerous shopping, arrange offices, organized bashes, done deliveries etc. Then later we shall develop an app. (looking forward to this) hope you too will love it. Our company aims to alleviate poverty by creating employment and giving our esteemed clients ample time to concentrate on their businesses as we run their errands.

Our crew (students and unemployed graduates) will not need sponsors, or go into crime due to msoto. When not running errands they engage in art making e.g. shaggy mats, bracelets, baskets, Ankara bags etc. that way they are kept busy and still earn. So now that you know about us, give us your errands knowing you are with the president in the big 4 Agenda.

Our numbers still remains 0728706355 on WhatsApp, SMS or call. We are in Instagram @faimaart. We shall be posting our art there. One door mat takes one week to make. So place your order.